Frequently Asked Questions


You are welcome to contact us anytime with your questions, but here is a neat selection of the most frequently asked ones:

1What is Primarily Bookkeeping?
Our bookkeeping service was set up to help small businesses effectively and efficiently complete their bookkeeping tasks. The business model is to help our clients focus on what matters most – growth and innovation, while we use our expertise to deal with clients' bookkeeping needs. Time spent on bookkeeping is time not spent building your business. Can you afford not to maximize growth?
2What is the difference between a bookkeeper, CFO and a CPA?
A bookkeeper handles recording the day to day transactions, reconciles accounts, and prepares preliminary financial reports. A CFO will help you analyze the numbers and make financial projections for your business. A CPA is extremely knowledgeable about accounting and taxes. Oftentimes the CFO and CPA are the same individual.
3Will Primarily Bookkeeping Inc replace my CPA?
No. We will liaise closely with your CPA by ensuring the data in your QuickBooks file is always updated and complete. Your CPA will help you analyze your data, plan for your future, prepare your taxes, and review the bookkeeping to ensure the data is reasonable.
4Why do I need a bookkeeper?
Your strength is your business and you grow your business by continuing to develop, work hard and innovate. Our strength is bookkeeping. By allowing us to handle your bookkeeping for your United States-based business we can do the behind-the-scenes work while you continue to build your business.
5What is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?
Intuit, the developers of QuickBooks, has established a series of proficiency exams and certifications to distinguish people who are proficient with the QuickBooks accounting software. Anyone who shows enough proficiency is distinguished with the title of 'QuickBooks ProAdvisor'.
6How do you work remotely?
When working with you remotely, you can send us your records through Hubdoc, email, or US Mail. One of our accountants can log into your desktop edition of QuickBooks without logging into your computer because we use the sharing tool called QBox or we can log into your shared QuickBooks Online account with our credentials.
7How often will I hear from you?
We will work together on whatever schedule is best for your business, lifestyle, and financial needs. The amount of time we’ll spend together may fluctuate as your financial situation adapts. Normally, we will send you updates on a monthly basis.